Is It Safe to Detox From Drug Addiction at Home?

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The detoxification process is usually the first phase if you want to kick a drug addiction. The detox process gets rid of the drugs currently in your body. A secondary goal of detoxification is to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms.

The issue with drug and alcohol detox for many people is that it can be very costly. There are many inpatient detoxification programs where you enter a facility, and you or your insurance company pays money for the treatment. In addition, you will have 24/7 medical supervision to ensure that the detox process is safe and comfortable.

However, many people don’t have insurance or money to spend. Many drug addicts experience financial hardships due to their prolonged addiction.

So, you may be looking to detox at home. Yes, this will save a lot of money, but it also comes with risks. This article discusses the most essential tips to safely perform a drug addiction detox at home.

Can You Detox at Home?

There is no mistaking that drug addiction detox at home can be dangerous. However, many people think that getting a home detox kit will help manage the symptoms.

However, this is not the case. Home detox kits are generally designed for people who want to improve their diets, make lifestyle changes, and be healthier. Home detox kits are not intended for substance abuse. Detoxing from illicit substances at home can cause severe withdrawal symptoms, serious health complications, lead to relapse, and more.

This is why the most effective and safest way to detox from drugs is at an inpatient treatment program. However, once again, you might not have the money for this, in which case a home drug addiction detox is what you are left with.

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Risks Associated with Home Drug Detox

As mentioned above, there are risks associated with doing a home drug detox without professional care or supervision. As you will read in the section below, medications and methods can help make this process easier and safer. However, it is still essential to know the risks of home drug detox.


One of the most significant risks of a home drug detox is that you may relapse and start using the drug again. The detox process involves intense cravings, more intense than ever before.

Inpatient detox programs are designed to prevent you from leaving, bringing drugs with you, and acquiring more, thus preventing you from relapsing while you are there.

However, there is no one to stop you at home, therefore making relapse a genuine possibility. It truly takes willpower to detox at home, especially if alone.

That said, something like NoMoreDrinks Alcohol Cravings Reducer can help some people make these cravings more manageable (for alcohol addiction).

Side Effects – Extreme Withdrawal Symptoms

The detoxification process can be highly taxing on the body. As a result, many addicts go through withdrawal symptoms when the body abruptly stops getting the substance. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be pretty severe, and opioid withdrawal symptoms are considered the worst.

These withdrawal symptoms can include but are not limited to vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, tremors, and more. These withdrawal symptoms may lead to severe dehydration, malnutrition, and related complications. These complications may include extremely low blood pressure, kidney failure, pulmonary aspiration, and more.

Life-Threatening Side Effects

One of the most dangerous aspects of a home drug detox is that it can lead to life-threatening side effects. One of the biggest dangers is that it may cause a significantly elevated heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.

These may lead to cardiac arrhythmias and other side effects, leading to stroke and heart failure. People may also suffer from delirium tremens and seizures during the drug and alcohol detox process. In some cases, opioid withdrawal may even lead to death.

Temporary Mental Health Issues

The physical withdrawal symptoms listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. However, mental withdrawal symptoms may occur, especially when detoxing from hard drugs, primarily opioids. People going through severe withdrawal may develop psychosis, paranoia, extreme aggression, hallucinations, mania, and more.

Moreover, many addicts develop extreme depression, anxiety, and often even suicidal tendencies that can lead to self-harm. The risk is that if you are detoxing alone, you may harm yourself.

Moreover, friends and family can often control the individual suffering from these symptoms. If you are planning to alcohol detox at home, we recommend checking out NoMoreDrinks Alcohol Cravings Reducer, as it is in part designed to help you maintain a healthy and safe state of mind.

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Medications to Help Control Drug Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

Some medications and supplements can reduce and control drug detox withdrawal symptoms at home.

Anti-Diarrhea Medications

Often, drug detox leads to diarrhea, leading to extreme dehydration. Therefore, it is a good idea for people going through withdrawal to take some kind of over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medication to prevent this from occurring. At the very least, these medications can help lessen the severity of these symptoms.

Supplements for the Mind

One of the best supplements to manage mental withdrawal symptoms, particularly anxiety, is L-theanine. In addition, the NoMoreDrinks Alcohol Cravings Reducer is an effective option to help maintain a healthy state of mind during the alcohol detox process.


Nausea and diarrhea often associated with drug detox can also lead to malnutrition. Drug addicts and alcoholics are often malnourished, to begin with, so taking a multivitamin to help increase the vitamin and mineral levels in the body can help in the recovery process.

Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in the healthy function of the human body. In addition, Vitamin C may actually help reduce withdrawal symptoms, especially for those going through heroin withdrawal.

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Sleep Aids

Drug detox and the inability to sleep go hand in hand. Therefore, it is recommended to look into getting sleep aids. Things like melatonin and valerian root can help relax the mind, reduce sensitivity to light and noise, and make it easier to sleep.

Drug Detox at Home – Final Thoughts

If you or someone you know is planning to do a home drug detox, although it’s not the first thing that professionals would recommend, it is doable.

That said, there are certain risks involved, particularly when it comes to severe and sometimes life-threatening side effects. So, at the very least, someone doing a home drug detox should always have a person nearby to keep an eye on things, and if necessary, to call medical professionals in the event of an emergency.


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