Sex Addiction and How to Fix It

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) does not recognize sex addiction as a mental disorder or condition. However, at the same time, studies show that anywhere from 3% to 6% of Americans suffer from sex addiction.

This article will give you information on how to stop sex addiction. That said, we first want to cover what a sex addiction entails because it can take multiple forms, and people who engage in this behavior can have varying symptoms.

Sex Addictions: The Basics

Sex addiction is defined as having compulsive urges to engage in sexual activities despite possible negative consequences. Sex addicts have obsessive fantasies, often lie to cover up sexual behavior, and often have multiple relations with strangers.

A sex addict may be unable to control their urges, have extreme desires, and often feel guilty or ashamed after sex. Those who engage in compulsive sexual behavior regardless of consequences are most likely suffering from sex addiction.

Keep in mind that sex addiction can take on many forms, but the most basic form is compulsively having sex with strangers or near-strangers.

However, it can also entail cheating on your partner, having affairs, being addicted to pornography, and being addicted to masturbation. So, how do you overcome this sex addiction?

Tips on How to Stop Sex Addiction

There are many tips we can provide to help you overcome sex addiction. So let’s not waste any more time and get to it.

Get Some New Friends

Although not always the case, the people you surround yourself with may not help you get over sex addiction. If your friends want to go to strip clubs, watch racy movies, go to sex shops, and more, it is time to make new friends.

Peer pressure makes you feel bad when you say “no” to others. Nobody wants to look like a prude or a killjoy, but if people put you in these situations, they’re not helping you. The best course is to change your friends and get new ones who won’t put you in these situations, to begin with.

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Develop a Support System

One of the best things that any addict can do, sex addict or otherwise, is to develop a solid support system. Of course, here, we refer to friends, family, or even a sponsor.

These are people that you can get close to, share your feelings with, and talk about your issues. When things get tough, having people around who are ready and willing to help, or even just listen to you without judgment, can help.

If you need help to develop a support system, we recommend looking at The Mindful Habit, a system designed to help end sex and porn addiction. It comes with a group coaching program that can serve as a great support system.

Eliminate Sexual Triggers from Your Life

If you are a sex addict, being surrounded by triggers, or things that remind you about sex, will not help you overcome the addiction. This is not unlike any other addiction. For instance, going into a candy store when you have a food addiction and are trying to lose weight is setting yourself up for failure.

The same thing applies to sex addicts. Get rid of anything and everything that triggers you to have sex. You should get rid of pornography magazines, social media profiles from sex-related influencers.

Many people recommend installing software on your computer and other devices that will prevent you from visiting pornography-related websites.

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Find Ways to Burn Energy

People with sex addictions spend a lot of their time having sex (or engaging in other related activities). This time and energy-consuming.

If you plan to overcome sex addiction, you need to replace the bad with healthy habits like any other addiction. Preferably, these new habits should be healthy, time and energy-consuming.

This could be as simple as spending an extra hour at the gym every day. Exercise can be part of an addiction treatment program. Take up cooking, learn an instrument, do some art, or whatever else you want; it needs to be a healthy activity that you enjoy doing, something that will take up time and take your mind off of sex.

Seeking Professional Help for Sex Addiction

Everything we have talked about involves you treating yourself. However, as with other addictions, professional treatment options can be considered.

Talking to a Therapist or Licensed Professional

Addiction counseling is always an option, whether for sexual addiction or any other kind. There are licensed professionals and addiction therapists specializing in sex addiction that can help.

Joining an Online Program or Self-Help System

If you are uncomfortable talking to other people about your issues, an online self-help system such as The Mindful Habit could help. These are comprehensive and effective systems that can help teach you how to overcome your addiction.

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Joining Group Therapies and Support Groups

If you feel comfortable sharing your problems, and you even find it beneficial, a group therapy program may be a promising treatment alternative. There are twelve-step addiction group therapies for sex addiction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that may help you overcome sex addiction.

CBT helps people identify their behaviours and thoughts, find the root causes, and then change them for the better. This is a proven treatment method for various types of addiction.

EDMR Treatment

EDMR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a very modern and unique type of therapy.

This type of treatment is designed to de-link the positive feelings and associations you have with an addiction, which, in this case, is sex.

EDMR takes things one step further by not only de-linking positive feelings from the sex addiction but then treating the underlying issues that caused it in the first place.

Inpatient Treatment

If all else fails, and you feel you need constant oversight and treatment to help you overcome sex addiction, joining an inpatient treatment program can be beneficial.

Stopping Sex Addiction – Conclusion

If you want to put an end to your sex or pornography addiction, a self-help system such as The Mindful Habit can help you overcome it. In addition, however, there are many tips, methods, and treatment options available. The trick is, of course, finding the one that works for you.


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